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Calamity Maggie
(Magī no warui hi! Samuraizanbamon ni yotte kyapucha sa reta!)
"Magi's Bad Day! Captured By Samurai Zanbamon!!"

Calamity Maggie is the thirty-first episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Maggie wakes up in the morning & falls out of bed. It begins to rain. A minor earthquake causes her mirror to fall & break. Outside her window is Grumblemon. He reports back to Lilithmon. She orders Wisemon to send a Digimon to make Maggie's day worse. Zanbamon appears on Earth.

A soaked Maggie arrives at school that same morning. Her umbrella is broken & she's very irritated. Alex greets her & Mag explains that she has to show Makuta her pep rally plans in a few minutes while looking like a mess. She opens her binder to see her outline paper covered in mud. Brick & Stick come to tease Maggie, but Alex tosses Brick onto the slippery floor & into a fallen over mop bucket. Alex offers to walk Maggie home after school.

Alex & Maggie are ambushed after school by Zanbamon. The Digimon sucks Maggie into his giant jar, & then hurts Alex before disappearing. Maggie is sucked into a dimension in the Digital World within the jar.

Seraphimon alerts the others & teleports a hurt Alex to the Command Center to heal. Seraphimon says that the dimension inside the jar will vanish soon. The remaining four DigiDestined summon their Digimon & go to fight MadLeomon & Zanbamon. The Digimon turns his sword into a fan to send the DigiDestined into another dimension in the Digital World, but Kokuwamon changes their course & brings them back to the Command Center.

The DigiDestined return to face Zanbamon at the Claymon Bowl Restaurant, an outdoor restaurant with Claymon as waiters. MadLeomon & the Digimon are turned into giants. Four of the Digimon are Digi-Grown. Without Maggie, they can't make DinoOmnimon. Alex joins the others even though he's suffering from a migraine, but he's furious & wants revenge on MadLeomon & Zanbamon. BattleCoredramon is formed. The battle continues to go poorly with BattleCoredramon only being able to cause Zanbamon to lose his balance briefly, with the battle resembling the early stages of DinoOmnimon's battle against Boltmon. Before things could get ugly, they summoned the DigiStaff. The DigiStaff's finishing move is unable to harm Zanbamon, but it did break Zanbamon's jar. While Zanbamon fought BattleCoredramon, MadLeomon fought Tyrannomon. Maggie is freed & she summons her Digimon Pteramon. Zanbamon then uses his sword to overpower BattleCoredramon & force it to retreat. Maggie makes Pteramon Digi-Grow & DinoOmnimon is formed, breaking Zanbamon's sword in a stroke of luck before DinoOmnimon & Coredramon are blown away by the fan. CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon is finally able to be used to kill Zanbamon. MadLeomon teleports away.

At Nicky's garage, Maggie meets the others. They watch the television report about the DigiDestined's battle. When Maggie tries to turn up the volume with the remote control, the television blows up. Everyone laughs.

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