Level Mega
Type Fire
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar

Calderamon is a Fire Digimon based on volcanoes, whose name comes from the caldera. One of the Mega Dragon Tamers, Calderamon is a Digimon with locked gender encoding, always being male. He thrives in lava and lives in a volcano, and the pack on his back can store lava for him to attack with. His dragon familiar is Magmadramon.


Being a Mega Dragon Tamer, Calderamon takes the appearance of a human male, aged 15 with very tanned skin, short red hair and dark red eyes. His outfit is a pair of knee-length dark red bottoms that appear similar to sweatpants and red boots. He does not wear a top, allowing his slightly toned upper body to be seen. On his back is a yellow pack resembling a double-barreled oxygen tank, as big as his upper body, having two green stripes and one red stripe going horizontally across it. Clear tubes can extend from the pack to pools of lava and suck lava into the tanks. Other tubes connect from the pack to a flamethrower-shaped weapon carried by Calderamon.

Digimon Data Squad Fanfiction

Calderamon appears in a Digimon Data Squad fanfiction alongside Magmadragon and the rest of the Mega Dragon Tamers as an antagonist. In this appearance, Calderamon is depicted as easily bored and a fight lover. He is the third Dragon Tamer to fall, being defeated by MirageGaogamon.


  • Lava Laser - Fires a stream of lava from his weapon that can burn through even Chrome Digizoid. It can be fired at the ground below him to give him extra air time.
  • Crust Cracker - Fires an energy blast from his weapon that opens a hole in the planet and draws the lava of the mantle to the surface for him to use.
  • Magma Missile - Fires blasts of lava in the shape of missiles that home in on the opponent.
  • Lava Shockwave - Charges the lava in his weapon, jumps, and fires a large lava blast at the ground that sends out a wave of lava upon contact with the ground.
  • Mantle Quake - Causes an earthquake that creates multiple eruptions of lava. Pools of lava are left in its wake.