(キャンドモン Candmon)
Candlemon b
Partners Aaron Raibu

Candlemon is a Digimon creature from the Japanese Digimon media franchise that comprises anime, manga, toys, video games, trading card games and other media.

"Candlemon" is the name that all members of this particular Digimon species share. There are several different Candlemon that appear in various Digimon anime and manga series.

This article deals with a more important Candlemon, a Digimon Adventure 02 fanfiction Candlemon who is the partner of Aaron Raibu.


Candlemon is a 2-and-a-half-feet tall creature resembling its namesake, a candle. It has a white waxy torso with a melted top area. On the front is a face, with red eyes and a sharp-toothed mouth. Two arms with five-fingered hands come out the sides of the torso, with melted wax on the arms.

The bottom of its body is a brass stand with a skinny middle. The top of the stand has a wide rim that separates it from the rest of the stand, and the bottom of the stand has six small spikes along it. The top of its head has a small wick coming out of it, with a flame on it that resembles DemiMeramon, with two small blue eyes and a small mouth.

Candlemon has a slightly raspy voice when he speaks, and has a laugh that sounds like: "Kekekekekeke!" He has a tendency to put emphasis on the "K" sound whenever he says it.

As oppposed to most other Candlemon, this Candlemon is not so much of a prankster due to hanging around Aaron. However, he has a loose (and sometimes sick) sense of humor, as he laughs as anything he remotely thinks is funny. Being Wizardmon's reincarnation, he is good friends with Gatomon, and is friends with Veemon and Patamon through her. He has no romantic feelings towards Gatomon at all, much to Veemon's relief.


Candlemon appears as a main character in a Digimon Adventure 02 fanfiction. Candlemon is Aaron Raibu's Digimon partner. Unknown to anyone at first, Candlemon is the Digimon destined to be the partner of the DigiDestined of Darkness, who turns out to be Aaron. Candlemon is the reincarnation of Gatomon's once-deceased friend, Wizardmon, whose data reformed into a Digi-Egg when a signal from Aaron's D3 affects it.

When he first appears, Candlemon is able to Digivolve to his Champion form as normal. However, when the Dark Influence begins to loom over the Digital World, he is prevented from Digivolving normally, as are the rest of the Digimon. When Aaron receives the Crest of Darkness, he is able to lift the Digi-Egg of Darkness, allowing Candlemon, to Armor Digivolve. When the Dark Influence weakens, Candlemon regains the ability to Digivolve to Champion, and after Aaron realizes his Crest's power, Candlemon gains the ability to Digivolve to Ultimate and eventually Mega.


  • Flame Bomber: Fires a small flame from his DigiCore fire energy that explodes if it hits.
  • Wax Melter: Fires a stream of hot wax from its mouth.

Other Forms

The name "Candlemon" refers to only the rookie form of this digimon. Throughout the series, Candlemon gains the ability to Digivolve into a number of more powerful forms (each with a different name). The rookie form, however, is its most common and preferred form.


Mokumon is the Fresh form of Candlemon. Mokumon appears when Mysticmon or Dynasmon lose so much power that Candlemon is no longer able to maintain his Rookie form. It also appears in this form in a flashback by Aaron. His name comes from "Smoke Cloud" (『もくもく』 "Mokumoku"?).


  • Smokey Blow (Smoke): Scatters smoke from throughout his body all over, allowing him and his friends to escape.


DemiMeramon is Candlemon's In-Training form. The name "DemiMeramon" comes from the word "Demi", meaning half; and the onomatopoeia for burning (めらめら Meramera?). His original name, PetitMeramon, comes from the word "Petit" and the same onomatopoeia.

Candlemon takes on its In-Training form whenever it is forced to de-digivolve after a particularly difficult battle. DemiMeramon also appears in a flashback by Aaron.


  • Fireball: Shoots fire from his hands, burning his opponents.


Poltermon, "Benevolent Darkness", is the form that Candlemon takes when it Armor Digivolves using the Digi-Egg of Darkness. The name "Poltermon" comes from "poltergeist."

With the descent of the Dark Influence, Candlemon was temporarily unable to Digivolve to his Champion Level. However, after Aaron receives the Crest of Darkness to fulfill his destiny as a DigiDestined, the Digi-Egg of Darkness is obtained, allowing Candlemon to Armor Digivolve into Poltermon.

After the Dark Influence weakens, Candlemon regained the ability to reach his natural champion form, Wizardmon. Wizardmon was then used over Poltermon as a primary fighting form, and Poltermon appeared again only a couple of more times.

Poltermon makes his last appearance in the fanfic's ending in a flashback, depicting all the struggles the DigiDestined went through in the adventure.


  • Prankstergeist: Releases a mass of random obects (pans, dishes, etc.) from his mist body, then unleashes a ghostly force that causes the objects to come alive and attack the opponent. The objects are not regular objects, as they will not break under attacks.
  • Dark Murmur: Unleashes sonic waves composed of numerous voices that surround and overwhelm the opponent.


Wizardmon t

Wizardmon (ウィザーモン Wizarmon?)

Wizardmon is Candlemon's natural champion form, as well as the friend that Gatomon assisted back when she worked for Myotismon. Needless to say, Gatomon was ecstatic to see him again. Candlemon is able to Digivolve into this form normally at first, but temporarily loses this ability due to the Dark Influence, instead becoming Poltermon.

After the Dark Influence weakens, Candlemon regains the ability to become Wizardmon. Wizardmon becomes Candlemon's primary fighting form from then on until he unlocks the ability to become Mysticmon.

Wizardmon's image is seen every time Candlemon Armor Digivolves into Poltermon or Warp Digivolves into Dynasmon.


  • Thunder Stream: Fires a wave of electricity from his staff.
  • Magical Game: Creates illusory clones of himself to deceive his opponents.
  • Terror Illusion: Shows the opponent a vision of what they fear most.


Mysticmon is Candlemon's Ultimate form. After Aaron Raibu unlocks the true power of the Crest of Darkness, he gains the ability to Digivolve Wizardmon into Mysticmon. Mysticmon is then used as the primary fighting form until Candlemon becomes able to Warp Digivolve.

Mysticmon's image appears whenever Candlemon Armor Digivolves into Poltermon or Warp Digivolves into Dynasmon, the former being in silhouette until Mysticmon is properly introduced.


  • Core Dart: Covers his crystal ball with fire, then throws it at his opponent.
  • Mystic Blade: Unleashes a massive slash with his flaming sword.
  • Blast Fire: Sends flames from his sword at his opponent.


Dynasmon is Candlemon's Mega form. After Aaron manages to break through the spell of Devitamamon, his Crest's power rises to higher powers, enabling Candlemon to finally Warp Digivolve into his Mega form, Dynasmon. From then on, Dynasmon became Candlemon's primary fighting form.

Dynasmon appears in silhouette every time Candlemon Armor Digivolves into Poltermon.


  • Breath of Wyvern: Fires a massive wyvern made of its own energy.
  • Dragon's Roar: Unleashes a massive sonic wave that sounds like a dragon roaring.