Cannondramon "Kidkan"
Cannondramon (Glimmer025)
Appears in:Digimon Classic
First appearance Chapter 3

Cannondramon always feels an ever present guilt about his own existence. Sure, he is a powerful Mega Level Digimon, to the point he has no visible fear of MagnaAngemon, and is perfectly willing to stand up against Eaglemon for any insult to his weaker comrades... It's just his loyalties, both past and present, seem to be constant conflicting him deep within his mind. He was once a fighter alongside Solomon, but then he was forced to surrender when his group of Digimon got captured. Eaglemon offered him a choice, however, as Cannondramon, then known as Brachiomon, could either perish like those that were captured, or join Eaglemon's own ranks where power is limitless for him. Brachiomon, too cowardly at the time to let himself perish, chose to join Eaglemon's ranks, and was given a DigiCore to utilize in digivolving to Mega Level. Ever since, nobody knows how Solomon feels towards what happened to Cannondramon, since Solomon is unable to recognize Cannondramon the next time they meet in the present, years after they've initially fought alongside each other. Cannondramon may not know exactly where his loyalties lie, but due to that, Cannondramon can be seen as the least evil of the Golden Guardians that Eaglemon has as his most elite soldiers. He still remembers how he and Solomon were like before their conflict with Eaglemon first began to grow, as he remembers very clearly the two of them were like siblings, brothers separated by their own respective factions, now forced into potentially being enemies of each other...

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