Level Ultimate
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Virus, Data, Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Dragon's Roar
Metal Empire
Prior forms DukGrowlmon + WereGarurumon's data
Next forms WarDukDrialmon
Partners Sayuri "Sally" Mujaki
Warriors' Circle

CanuDukDrialmon is a Dragon Man Digimon whose name is derived from "Canine Duke Drialmon". When a WereGarurumon DukGrowlmon befriended was killed, he had started to digivolve. But on the verge of Digivolution, WereGarurumon's data mysteriously entered DukGrowlmon, thus changing his Ultimate Stage. Due to WereGarurumon's data, CanDukDrialmon gained a humanoid structure; a mixed nature of Virus, Vaccine, and Data; a WereGarurumon cowl; WereGarurumon's shoulder pad; and straps around CanuDukDrialmon's left hand. CanuDukDrialmon's armor, which extended to cover more of his body since being DukGrowlmon, was dyed red by the power of his strong friendship with WereGarurumon. CanuDukDrialmon's halberd, the "Kimahri", is his most trusty weapon, and cuts down most any Digimon in its range.
CanuDukDrialmon's shoulder pad and chest armor bear the Digital Hazard, and his right pauldron bears the Zero Unit (out of view). Looking closely at the lines engraved on the halberd will reveal the Japanese DigiCode for で/デ (de). CanuDukDrialmon's earrings connect his ears to the ears of the WereGarurumon cowl, representing their friendship.


  • Icefire Halberd: Slashes enemies with halberd, the blade engulfed in a harmonic mix of Ice and Fire
  • Garuru Pyre: Shoots out a blast of blue/white fire shaped like a WereGarurumon's head
  • Blackfire punch: Punches at enemies while hands are immersed in black fire