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Carbonadomon is a Mineral Digimon whose name and design is derived from carbonado, a rough, crude form of diamond. He stands 15 feet tall, weighs about 2 tons, and is among the most physically powerful Digimon of all. His strong sense of justice and righteousness motivates him to pursue and annihilate evil Digimon.


Title: The Wandering Brute

Level: Ultimate

Attribute: Vaccine

Family: Metal Empire

Prior forms: Boronmon

Next forms: Hypercarbonmon

Digifused forms: Carbondragonlimon (when fused with Earthdragonlimon)

Landfillmon (when fused with Metaltosamon)

Partners: Yuji Toshiro

Freedom Fighters

Voice Actors: Donald Rose (English Dub), the creator of this character


Particle Blade: Releases a destructive, crescent-shaped blast of emerald green particle energy from a slice or thrust of his bolo knife.

Swelter View: Emits a beam of intensely hot superheated plasma from both of his eyes.

Tellurian Darts: Generates a small cannon upon one or both of his wrists, then fires flechettes made out of carbonado at his enemies.

Geo-Beam: Spews a powerful beam of brown cosmic energy from his mouth.

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