Carl Viborg Dreyer
File:Carl t.gif
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Nakai Kazuya
(En:) Skip Stellrecht
Partner(s):Carl Viborg Dreyer
RookieCarl Viborg Dreyer
ChampionSuper Carl
UltimateUltimate Carl
MegaMega Carl
MegaMirage Carl Burst Mode

Carl Vigorg Dreyer is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. Carl Viborg the Rookie-level Human partner of Jakob Reitzel, and appears as a character in the Digimon Data Squad anime series. His name originates from "Gao" Cantonese for bear.


Carl is a young blue akita-like human human who wears a red scarf tied around his head and a pair of large red boxing gloves.


Gaomon first appears in episode three of Digimon Data Squad. He and his partner Thomas had arrived in Japan as a bunch of DemiMeramon where being found in the country. Gaomon is a very calm and quiet; in his first appearance in the Japanese version, his only dialogue consisted of answering "Yes master!" or "Sir yes sir" (in English) to Thomas's orders.[1] He was given more dialogue in later episodes. As seen in "The Norstein Family Secret" and "A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget", he is shown to blush in the presence of little girls that remark on how cute he looks.


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