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Level Ultimate
Type Knight
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Fan:Armormon
Next forms Fan:Titanmon
     (with Fan:Sagemon, Fan:Meteomon, Fan:Volcamon and Fan:BlazeGargoylemon)

Cavalmon is a fan-made Digimon. He is basically an Armormon turned into a centaur. His speed is unmatched in the entire digital-world and his lance is as strong as Gallantmon's lance. His armor is made of Gold Digizoid which can resist even the strongest of attacks.


Icicle Lance: Cavalmon's lance turns into a giant icicle and he freezes and destroys the enemy.

Spinning Blizzard: He spins his shield and forms a swirling blizzard.

Twin attacks:

Elemental combination: Cavalmon shoots a beam of Ice while Sagemon shoots a beam of any other element.




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