CeCe Amano
(Amano CeCe)
Mimi Tachikawa (02) t
Appears in:Super Digimon Xros Wars
First appearance "A New Xros Heart is born" [01]
Voice actor(s):Michelle Ruff
Partner(s):Sparrowmon and Hawkmon
Trait(s):Love and Knowledge
Age 8
Date of birth February 20th
Grade 4th
Gender Female
Known relatives Nene Amano mother, unknown father, Yuu Amano uncle
Nationality Japanese Jp flag

CeCe is the youngest in the group maybe even on the show. CeCe once had a crush on Ian but now she has a crush on Solar Flare's Ryo. She is the most quiet member of Blue Xros Heart. Some fans say that CeCe is quiet because she is hiding something. CeCe is often the brains behind Blue Xros Heart. Some fans say she is a clone of her mom (Nene), she's smart and her main partners is are Sparrowmon and Hawkmon. She some times says "Moumantai". CeCe was going to be in season 2 but was scrapped due to the fact that only Generals should appear.


File:Crest of Knowledge.png Knowledge File:Crest of Love.png Love

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