Celestiamon is an angel type digimon whose name comes from the word "celestial". It is clad in white chrome digizoid while its wings have black chrome digizoid platings and wields the holy blades "Twin Heavens". Celestiemon will descend to the digital world when the three Celestial Digimon have fallen and order has been lost, then It will follow God's orders and fulfill them no matter what they maybe. This digimon has only descended into the digital world two times. During the first descent, It brought the Digi-Eggs as gifts for the first digimons that populated the Digital World. On its second descent it erased all those who abused the power of the Digi-Eggs for their own evil purposes and locked their power away, reserved only for those who are worthy. Due to the fact that it was only seen twice by the First digimons in the Digital World, Celestiamon has fallen into myth and so everyone questions its existence.


  • Strike of the Seven Stars (Seven Heavens): Fires seven super-heated spheres of sacred light at the opponent.
  • Heaven's Judgment: Summons a giant thundercloud, then drops innumerable lightning bolts on the opponent.
  • Sefirot Crystal: Manifest ten crystals between its hands, in a Sephirot formation, and fires them.
  • Firmament Cutter: Uses the "Twin Heaven" blades to slash the opponent in a star pattern.
  • Sacred Flare: Fires a beam of holy light from the palm of the hand.
  • Soul Infusion: Transfers fragments of the soul to soulless objects in order to control them.
  • Burden Chains: Fires chains made from holy light.

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