ChaosAgumons name derives from Chaos Agumon and whose design derives from CyanAgumon. ChasAgumon is the oppasite of CyanAgumon and his original form, ChaosAgumon was the original Dark Gaurdian of the Digital World then was over thrown by Cthulhumon after he convinced Crimson Blood of Orchid team to be her digimon partner.


Unlike CyanAgumon ChaosAgumon is green with yellow glaring eyes with bony plates along its back and head also it has black bands all over its body with yellow digicode, the Digicode on its hand is "Chaos" the back of the band on its head it says "Death" and across the same band it says "Destruction", and finaly its claws are made of Silver Digizoid.

Digimon Ultimate

ChaosAgumon only appears in a flashback where it was to dangerous and was reprogramed to be CyanAgumon revealing that ChaosAgumon was CyanAgumons original form.

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