Prophet (ChaosDukemon X)
(預言者 (カオスデュークモンX抗体))
ChaosGallantmon b
Appears in:Digimon Re: Story
BlackAgumon (Dark Evolution)
DarkTyranomon (Dark Evolution)
UltimateAndiramon (Data)
MegaCherubimon (Virtue)
UltraChaosDukemon X

He is called the Prophet, but not because his tamer ever called him that, but ultimately because he not only foresaw the destruction of his own time, but also its rebirth as well as living through it in an amplified new form. The original ultimate conclusion of this Digimon's story never had a chance to occur; originally the most powerful member of Fujita Enju's team upon his rebirth, he is the sole survivor of the original timeline of his side of the story from prior to having the timeline reset entirely after both this timeline and a completely unrelated one had merged together through ZeedMillenniumon's wrath. However, something had went completely odd with his return in the new timeline; everyone else had to restart from scratch to acquire their original forms; not only did this Digimon maintain his form of ChaosDukemon, but due to what ZeedMillenniumon is choosing him to be tasked with, he has become an anomaly among all Digimon; in response to his new master's commands, he is given the X-Antibody to upgrade himself into an "Ascendant Mega Level" in the form of ChaosDukemon X. While he openly hates his master with a silent passion, he will not hesitate to outright kill somebody when appearing from the shadows from which he stalks from the hidden seas of time.