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Prophet (ChaosDukemon)
(預言者 (カオスデュークモン))
ChaosGallantmon b
Appears in:Digimon Re: Story
BlackAgumon (Dark Evolution)
DarkTyranomon (Dark Evolution)
UltimateAndiramon (Data)
MegaCherubimon (Virtue)

Prophet is the name given to Digimon Re: Story's version of Digimon Story's Pagumon character. First introduced as a corrupted BlackAgumon who bullies Enju's Partner Digimon, he is overwhelmed by the raw power of Agumon, Sheriff, and Poseidon's raw firepower as Rookie Level Digimon. Admitting defeat for now, he vowed payback at the trio at a later date. With enough training in Chrome Mine, he further advanced his Dark Evolution into DarkTyranomon, and rematched Enju when she was looking for information on Phil. Being defeated again, DarkTyranomon goes back to Chrome Mine later to train again, and stumbles upon Mugendramon holding Enju and Phil prisoner. However, despite his ego, he was deleted by Mugendramon's Infinity Cannon. Seen in limbo and seeing visions of his past selves, he is greeted by a dying Dukemon who wants to see the soon to be reborn Digimon become his successor, whether it be for Chaos or otherwise.

The events that proceed next happen very similar to the events that occur in the Silver Tamer storyline. However, instead of Pagumon being an NPC who doesn't directly get involved in the actual fights in this part of the story, Pagumon joins the team officially as soon as he is assigned to Enju. As a result, Lopmon and Wizarmon are seen being achieved by Pagumon in regards to evolutions prior to the encounter with Kain and Tomomi in Chrome Mine. Not only that, but the plot itself is altered in regards to how Andiramon is achieved; Pagumon, as Wizardmon, only needs a small enough fraction of the Core Piece to actually evolve into Andiramon. However, as a direct result of this, in the aftermath of the Silver Tamer storyline, Andiramon attempts to evolve into Cherubimon... but instead ends up evolving into ChaosDukemon, in which begins the next part of the story involving his continued character development. In addition, while not outright confirmed until the Platinum Tamer Arc, it is implied earlier in the story during the Gold Tamer Arc that Prophet has the ability to foresee the future.

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