ChaosGallantmon Leviathan Mode

ChaosGallantmon: Leviathan Mode
Level Super Ultimate
Type (Ja:) Demonic Knight Digimon
(En:) Dark Knight Digimon
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Gallantmon Crimson Mode + Code Key of Envy
Partners Jarulso Takarrow

ChaosGallantmon Leviathan Mode was the result of Jarulso Takarrow unleashing the powers of the Code Key of Envy for the first time. After making a deal with Leviamon, Jarulso attempted to control the Code Key as Gallantmon Crimson Mode. However, after attempting to fight whilst drawing power from the Code Key, he ended up becoming completely overcome by the power, and digivolving into this form. Having drawn power from Leviamon to attain this evolution, he takes on a much more mutated form, but still remains humanoid.

The Dragon's Heads upon it's shoulders each control two elements of Nature, and depending on which one he uses will determine what elements he uses. The Right Head controls Wind and Water, whilst the Left controls Earth and Fire. He can use the heads, in combination with his own energy, to create monstrous attacks, and has control over the elements enough to almost completely bend them to his will. The Dragon's heads, of course, can use attacks without ChaosGallantmon Leviathan Mode's help, but they're unstructured, and would just be a simple attack such as breathing fire, or manipulating water.


(Taken from the original dictionary post by Jarulso.) From Gallantmon Crimson Mode, his body has mutated, growing taller than before, and his shoulders became broader, in order to fit two monstrous dragon heads upon them. Each head shares two mouths, and two horns to boot. His wings have extended, taking a more demonic appearance than before, which accompanies his new tail, which has grown out far beyond is original body, yet still appearing light enough to not affect his balance. However, it has enough power to lift a Mega with absolute ease.

His armor, like ChaosGallantmon's, has been dyed a deep blue/purple, and also sports an upside-down pentagram. However, ChaosGallantmon Leviathan Mode, unlike it's direct Gallantmon line, has absolutely no weapons available to it, unless it uses Dark Crystal. It's sadistic nature and absolute disregard to digital life makes it a challenge, even to God-like beings.


  • Dark Tempest: Uses the powers of Darkness, Wind and Water to create a mighty gale, containing iced spikes.
  • Dark Meteor: Uses the powers of Darkness, Earth and Fire to create a disastrous Meteor.
  • Dark Inferno: Uses the powers of Darkness, Fire and Wind to create a continuous fire stream.
  • Dark Crystal: Uses the powers of Darkness, Water and Earth to create Crystal Spikes, which he launches at his foes. It can also be shaped into a weapon to use against his enemies.
  • Elemental Pentagram: Uses the powers of Darkness, Earth, Fire, Wind and Water to create a ball of pure elemental energy. In place of Light, however, more Darkness is pumped within to stabilize the attack. The energy discharged from this attack is enough to tear fragments from well over the continent, if it hits the ground. However, it's been noted that the main weakness of this attack is that it can be dissipated by any attack that uses Holy energy.