Level Ultimate
Type Unknown
Attribute Unknown
Family Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Chrysalimon
Next forms Fan:Diaboromon Mirror

ChaosInfermon is a fan-made Digimon, created by ggctuk, based on Infermon's design.

It is essentially a modified Infermon, noticeable by its blue markings and extra markings on its body. It is faster than its normal brethren, and more powerful, but it is less accurate - its accuracy begins to decrease at about roughtly 100 feet. Whereas the copied Infermon prefer to attack alone, a ChaosInfermon can rally other Infermon and lead them.


These attacks are inherited from Infermon:

  • Spider Shooter: Shoots lasers from the cannon concealed under its chin.
  • Network Grenade:Withdraws into his shell and thrusts himself at his enemies.

These attacks are unique to ChaosInfermon:

  • Chaos Cannon: Fires a much more powerful, explosive shot from the cannon under his chin.
  • Burst Shot: Fires several shots from the cannon under the chin, less accurate the further the attack is initiated.