Type Undead
Prior forms IceLeomon
Next forms DigiXros Charts

ChaosLeomon is a fan-made Digimon, based on MadLeomon's design. It is essentially a modified MadLeomon, noticeable by its dark blue skin and purple markings on its body. It is faster than its normal brethren, and more powerful, but it is less accurate - its accuracy begins to decrease at about roughtly 100 feet.


These attacks are inherited from MadLeomon:

  • Jūoudaken (獣王堕拳? lit. "Beast-King Fallen Fist"): Fires its "Spirit" in the shape of a lion's face, which bites the flesh off of those standing in its way as it flies through them.
  • Fudokusou (腐毒爪? lit. "Necrotoxin Claw")

These attacks are unique to ChaosLeomon: