Level rocky
Type beast digimon
Attribute x-antibody Nature Spirits Dragon's Roar Virus Busters
Family power cannon
Next forms grademon
Partners rikko putra


Chaosmon is a fictional digimon created by The orange fox. He appears in digimon 7 War of the digilords.

Chaosmon is one of the strongest virus digimon in the series, he has been known to even be able to defeat mega level digimon, cross-merged digimon and digimon with the Hyper virus applied to them. Some call him the menace of the digital world.

Chaosmon was created by Iruza who was a member of the Black order that continued to mess with computers, eventually he tweaked one computer so badly it created the virus Chaosmon which took over the base forcing the whole organisation to leave at once and find a new base, a lot of suspicion arose around Iruza who felt sorry for his actions but was soon forgiven after taming Chaosmon and commanding him to do the organisations dirty deeds


Chaosmon is made completely out of dark data energy so he never has a physical form, he is always changing his image but most of the time he remains as a medium height body made out of energy with a powerful black digizoid helmet covering his head with two crazy looking red eyes showing through the cut out holes. Most of the time he remains in this form to make enemies think weak of him then when he begins fighting he gets serious

Abilities and powers

Chaosmon possesses a special type of dark data energy that can consume any exisiting material in the digital and human world, because of this feature Chaosmon is an extremely dangerous digimon capable of wiping out champion level digimon in seconds. Because his body is made of dark data energy he can never be physically hit and often sucks his enemies into his body sending them to a digital void


  • Chaos lance Chaosmon throws a lance of dark energy at an opponent and when it makes contact it detonates resulting in a powerful explosion
  • Chaos orb Chaosmon unleashes a powerful orb of dark energy which can suck in an opponent or damage them
  • Black beam Using his hands Chaosmon can project powerful dark beams that can cut through anything
  • Gravity force Chaosmon manipulates the gravity around him allowing him to draw in or push back enemies or crush their bodies
  • Apocalypse shocker Chaosmon fires a small projectile that expands on contact deforming everything around it