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Level Child (Rookie)
Type Small Angel
Attribute Vaccine
Family Wind Guardians
Virus Busters
Prior forms Kyupimon
Next forms Deitymon
Partners Mori Kasumi
Tobias Ryder
Crimson Blaze Army.

Charitymon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Charity," angels, and the chibi drawing style. Charitymon resembles a chibi angel child around the age of five in a solid white dress, and long hair. It is a tiny Digimon with no real offensive power, but it has many mysterious abilities it isn't even aware of. Rumor states that to meet one is a sign of good luck, and that to befriend one is a sign that destiny favors you. That said, it is a handful to deal with. It possesses something similar to Dissociative Identity Disorder; its mood changes at random, mostly when its most inconvenient. It has several independent personalities each with its own appearance; It has a neutral, timid personality prone to crying its eyes out for little to no reason, in which its has brown hair, green eyes and pale skin. Its second personality is a aggressively over-the-top playful one (which can become scary at times), in which it has blue eyes, blonde hair and tanned skin. Its third personality is a pessimistic, bored one that lies around and talks about how insignificant everything is compared to the grand scope of what "everything" is; in this form it has black hair, dark skin, and brown eyes.

When its personalities take over, not only does its color change, it also changes its attribute. Timid Charitymon is a Data Digimon, Playful Charitymon is Vaccine, and Pessimist Charitymon is Virus. It is said that if it ever adopted the Free Attribute, it would unlock ultimate power.


  • Make a wish: Charitymon forms and pushes a slow moving, almost fluttering ball of light. What effect it has can only be described as random, but it normally has a positive outcome for Charitymon, if not for everyone else.

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