Terriermon vg

chibi digimon or chibi,mon is a fan made digimon comic made by Douglas J. N. It features the adventure of a tamer named douglas and his digimon terriermon-05. terriermon 05 is a terriermon with the 05 antibody a antibody that jumbles digimons data with the data of other digimon examples: texture, color, attacks, and stats. the digital world in this comic is simaler to that of the digiworld in digimon tamers . but with a few exeptions like the void between the worlds, wich is a pure white and blank place that gose on forever with no end. the only way to get to the digiworldf from the void is for a yggdraisl to transport you there. the way that douglas got to the void between the world was through his computer by accident. when douglas first gets to the digiworld he has a botamon that was waiting for him in the digiworld. later it digivolved to terriermon-05 quite easely.

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