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Appears in:Digimon Xros Wars: Re-Digitalize
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Ryūtani Osamu
(En:) Dan Green

Chonodromon is the primary antagonist in Digimon Xros Wars: Re-Digitalize. He is the one who made DigiCoral.


Chonodromon has a appearance of a big floating blue monstrous wormish sea monster, with a slightly humanoid upper body. He has a more humanoid face.



Other Forms

Chonodromon (Reaper)

Chonodromon's first form. It is large, monstrous, centauroid creature with demonic reptilian face, two mouths at the ends of two tentacles, two shark-like heads on the lower half, two upper human-like arms, and two lower stretchable arms.

Chonodromon (Avatar)

Chonodromon's true form. It is large, multi-headed creature, with long neck, large tentacles, two extendable legs, and reptilian tail.

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