Level Rookie
Type Mini Dragon
Attribute Data
Family Dragon's Roar
Metal Empire
Prior forms Beatmon
Next forms PowerChordmon

Chordmon is an Mini Dragon Digimon whose name and design come from the guitar chord. A hard-rockin' Digimon from the musical area Rifflian in the Digital World, Chordmon has dreams of fame and fun. It wields the electric guitar "Arpeggion", and it puts all its emotions into every note it plays, which manifests as energy that can be soothing or damaging. It holds a strong friendship with and high respect for Shoutmon, and when the two meet, they feel compelled to play duet songs.


Chordmon has the appearance of a yellow dragon-like Digimon at approximately the height of Guilmon, having five greenish-black scales on its head that formed a mohawk, as well as red eyes. Its hands are black to the wrist with five fingers, each finger having a white claw. The front of its torso is white, the white area extending up into the lower jaw, and is inscribed with a light purple half note with a large circle, the circle resembling a DNA strand. Its feet are black with three white claws, a skull-shaped white plating on each foot. The Arpeggion is an electric guitar with a six-pointed star as a base, colored in layers of red and yellow. Chordmon usually keeps the Arpeggion slung on its back through a magnetic point on a torso belt.

Digimon Vibe

Chordmon appears as the main Digimon protagonist of Digimon Vibe, as the partner of the main human protagonist, Locke Michaelson. Locke and Chordmon share a special Vibe, allowing Locke to conduct his emotions straight to Chordmon, influencing his strength. The symbol on Chordmon's chest became the symbol of Locke and Chordmon's band, Cyber-Vibe.


  • Vibe Beam - Plays a specific verse on his guitar which causes the half-note symbol on his chest to glow, then he opens his mouth and fires a purple beam of musical energy.
  • Star Chord - The base of the Arpeggion glows, then he strums a powerful note that sends a shockwave from it in the image of the base in all directions, soothing or damaging who he wants based on his feelings.