Chou Wargreymon Is a Unique Digimon Whose Name And Design Are Derived From The Mythological Chou Wargreymon He Is The Dna Digivolve From All Main Final Digievolutions Of All The Main Digimons OF All Seasons Even Omegashoutmon They Say That He The Most Powerfull in The Whole Digital World It Have The Red Wing Of Imperialdramon The Shield Of Gallantmon The Dragon And Beast Hands Of Sussanomon The Face Of Shinegreymon The V Of Omegashoutmon And The Hand Of Arresterdramon

Digimon Digiheros He Is The Final Digievolution Of Exagumon He is born When The Tamers Fights Gigaseadramon To Fight Chronomon Holy Mode He Kills Chronomon Holy Mode With Its Final Attack Fire Of All Heros Attacks Pyros Terra Force Omega Laser Infinite ellysion Kaiser Grey Force Shining Sun Burst And Diamond Damashii Soul

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