Level Mega
Type (Ja:) Ancient Beast Digimon
(En:) Ancient Animal
Attribute Vaccine
Family Ancient Spirits
Nature Spirits

Chryselemammothmon is an Ancient Animal Digimon that resembles the mammoth. His Japanese name is "Chrysomammon". Chryselemammothmon are said to have had existed in the Ancient Digital World, frozen until they were thawed out by global warming in the Digital World. They can withstand cold weather. They also have the ability to sense happenings and sounds from far away. They tend to be more regal-looking than their ultimale levelforms. They were creeated as an answer to the D-Reaper. They have a golden head, tusks and patterning over all of their body


  • Arctic gold sprays his enemy with a freezing golden liquid that eminates from its trunk
  • Reaper tusk a ramming attack reserved solely for the D-Reaper
  • Arctic Illuminations the golden covering on Chryselemammothmon glows to create a deadly light