Level Rookie
Type Cybernetic Dragon
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms ???
Next forms Scarletmon
Partners Jeri Katou

Cindermon is a Dragon/Mechanical Digimon whose name is derived from the term Cinder. The Digimon appears to be a Dragon Digimon, but in reality is a mix of a Mechanical Digimon and a Dragon Digimon. Portions of her body is made of Red Chrome Digizoid. It's primary weapon, the Crimson Bow was crafted by Spadamon, developed by Apollomon, the arrows were made by Jupitermon and the weapon itself was made by Vulcanusmon. Cindermon works well with Guilmon as battle partners for unknown reasons. Cindermon does like to protect those she loves, and will not stop battling if an ally goes down. Being a Cyborg Digimon makes her fierce, due to not many knowing of her being part-Machine and part-Dragon.

Digimon Tamers: Hope Bringers

Most of Cindermon's roll is unknown at the moment, but what is known is that she was created by Jeri, and brought to life by a Blue Card, similar to Guilmon.


  • Cinder Shot: Cindermon deploys the Crimson Bow, and fires a bow and arrow shot and has expert accuracy, never misses.

Unison Attacks

  • Pyro Shot: In unison with Guilmon's Pyro Sphere. Cindermon fires the Cinder Shot, and Guilmon unleashes his Pyro Sphere, the two attacks merge and become an extremely powerful bow and arrow attack.