Claymon are the standard army unit deployed by Lilithmon. Though neither particularly strong, intelligent, nor resiliant, their basic power of numbers allow them to be a regular challenge to the DigiDestined.


Claymon are created in Wisemon's Digimon making machine. Though apparently made from the same basic clay or putty-like compound as the specialized creations, they differ from normal Digimon in that they are mass-produced through use of steam-pressured molds & then sent through the Digimon machine in large numbers. After being fully cooked, they're ejected one at a time from the exit tube at the far end of the machine. Though generally identical, Claymon often display some level of individual personality, & are occasionally given number designations to identify them within a given group. Indeed, not all Claymon are created equal, as some examples show even less than the typically lacking skill level. Such Claymon are usually broken back down into their clay building blocks & recycled for use in other Claymon, & perhaps even Digimon. Claymon do have some manner of spoken language, though it is incomprehensible to humans, coming across as strings of garbled noises, not unlike the sounds of someone trying to speak while underwater (however, they can speak very fluently when disguised as something or someone else, such as the five Mutant DigiDestined Claymon in "Digi-Mutants", as well as the old man who sells Spencer the earrings in "An Oyster Stew"). They can also drive.

Other Forms

Claymon (Skeleton)

These skeleton-themed Claymon are used as Andromon's foot soldiers. They are easily destroyed by Carly & her Digimon, Dinotigermon.


The SuperClaymon are made from the Super DigiClay that Lilithmon & her minions mine during the time that the DigiDestined are dealing with Lilithmon's Digimon Boltmon.

The SuperClaymon are supposedly nearly indestructible. These SuperClaymon have a unique ability. Every time one is supposedly defeated it instead splits into two more Claymon.

The only thing that can defeat the SuperClaymon are special weapons that are retreived by Taylor & Alex, which are under guard by the Carrier Digimon, UltimateBrachiomon.


Five Claymon are given the DigiBadges of Darkness, which contain evil versions of the DigiDestined's powers, turning them into five copies of the six DigiDestined. Under supervision of MadLeomon, a group of candidate Claymon undergo physical tests to prove their worth to receive these powers. However, none are worthy of becoming the mutant version of Taylor & MadLeomon destroys the Red DigiBadge of Darkness. The mutant versions of Maggie & Carly are destroyed by a shot from the DigiBlaster, while the remaining three as well as Ebidramon, the stand-in for Taylor, are destroyed in battle with "CoreOmnimon + UltimateBrachiomon".