Claymon X


Upon arriving on the Moon & taking over the palace, one of Tactimon's first orders of business is to replace the woefully inadequate Claymon previously used with a far enhanced breed. Created directly from Tactimon's magic, these Claymon are given life not by Wisemon's Digimon machine, but Tactimon's own evil energies. These energies are infused directly into the X marking in their chests. The scope of this power is such that the DigiDestined, even with their Digimon, are unable to do any damage to the Claymon in their first attack. Tactimon's new army will surely beat the DigiDestined, if not for Taylor's accidental discovery that striking the X marking disrupts their power & causes them to explode into pieces. Following this discovery, Tactimon's Claymon become, if anything, even less effective than Lilithmon's, as it is theoretically possible to defeat a Claymon with a single blow, rather than gradually beating them into submission over a protracted fight. Even so, Tactimon seems unconcerned, or simply lacks imagination, & makes no attempt to overcome this weakness. The Claymon are kept in use without any changes until the introduction of the Karatenmon.