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Climb Every Fountain is the thirty-sixth episode of the third season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


MadLeomon & SkullSatamon try to steal the DigiMemories from the kids again, & are foiled by a water balloon attack. Nicky magically makes a device that will return the kids to adulthood. Nicky uses it on himself, returning himself to normal, but SkullSatamon & MadLeomon capture the device, with the DigiMemories in it. Tactimon & Lilithmon destroy the DigiMemories, & Nicky's device.

At the command center, the Aqua Warriors get thirsty, so they go to a water fountain where everybody can see them. They are spotted immediately & gawked at. Tactimon turns the ruins of Nicky's device into a Digimon, & the Aqua Warriors fight it. They ultimately defeat it in their Bio-Xros Hybrid forms.

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