Club Digi.

Club Digi was a Irish run club of people with digimon .Their controversial ethos was that a digimon if desired badly could be attained by finding an image of that digimon and meditateing over it.It was started by a boy with a demidevimon. He later introduced his friends to it and it became a common playground discussion.The concept was that: 1.The digimon was to be nurtured played with and fed. 2.Digimon are to socialize with others. 3.Minimum uses of dark digivolves without the "Karma protect"seal from a Seraphimon. 4.finally a digimon or owner will be shunned if willingly alligned with an evil digimon.(Note this later caused the downfall of the group.)

The Prime

Was when the group had many members and the system was calm. Each night one member might contact another or on occasions a new person would be introduced.(pseudo noms are used )The members were : Phi Mil Mick Dyl Shan Oreo Toma Matt Ana Dom

The end

Started when Mil took an interest in the spirit evolutions.He gave everyone one so that he could get out battling with his digimon. The spirits are as follows: Phi=Ice Ana=Water Mick=earth Mil=dark

This however led to many arguments. Eventually, Shan started mocking the club and soon after led the downfall.Due to a dispute this size the group (on loose ground )disbanded.

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