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Cobaldramon (Cobaldramon: Overclocked)
(コバルドラモン (コバルドラモン:オーバークロック))

Cobaldramon 2016

Cobaldramon Overclocked (Teaser)

Title Cobalt Eclipse
The Personification of Calamity
Level Ultra
Type Light Dragon
Legendary Ultra
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Dark Area
Prior forms Hydragodramon
Next forms Cobaldramon: Overclocked

One does not simply plow their way through the D-Reaper unharmed; the only Digimon who had been known to do so is the Legendary Ultra Digimon known as Cobaldramon. During a freak accident that leveled an entire landscape in 1908, Cobaldramon underwent a failed attempt to both enter the real world and enter its Overclocked state. Cobaldramon eventually confronted the D-Reaper and walked straight through it unfazed; the unique nature of Cobaldramon's scales rendered any attempt by the D-Reaper to harm him as delaying the inevitable destruction of itself. Not only that, but mere contact with Cobaldramon's scales were toxic to the D-Reaper agents and everything else around it. As a result, between both this and battle damage from humans and Digimon alike, Cobaldramon's entire default appearance had been rendered into a freakish Hydra-like Digimon. Its original purpose of being one of the saviors against a potential attack by ZeedMillenniumon long forgotten, many individuals nowadays remember Cobaldramon as nothing more than a silent, tranquil god of destruction among Digimon. Cobaldramon, if it ever spots its counterparts or ZeedMillenniumon, will engage them in a violent fight to ensure at least the latter of which is destroyed due to the special "ZERO ARMS - Susanoo" hidden within its own DigiCore. In addition, Cobaldramon has a primary secret weapon at his disposal; the Overclocked Mode, which enables Cobaldramon to absorb and generate additional power within its own DigiCore at the cost of vitality. However, unlike most users of this skill, Cobaldramon's inherit regeneration abilities actually slows down the health drain of this effect; as a result, Cobaldramon can overclock itself to even higher levels than most Digimon would normally attempt to do otherwise. In this state it is said to have devoured the D-Reaper in a state of rampage, before having destroyed the Earth of that particular dimension of the real world; its fiery breath from the middle head was amplified so drastically that a single shot of the fire breath from it had effectively ignited Earth's atmosphere.

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