Appears in:Digimon Re: Classic
First appearance Special Chapter:Tempest of Cobalt: Cobaldramon

Digimon Classic had only one incident in which the servers were offline for more than a day; they were rendered offline and out of commission for a solid month because of an explosion that occurred in server towers across various regions. It is not known to the humans why this series of explosions occurred, but to the NPCs of Digimon Online, they know fully well. The content patch they were updating with, the second it had finished, triggered the return of the Legendary Super Ultimate known as Cobaldramon, the Cobalt Hydra. In it's life long clash with it's archenemy Brondramon, both of their signature auras were so devastating in effects that even the weakest of attacks is capable of causing an explosion while this aura is present. Had this battle had taken place in any other Digimon setting, the Digital World would've been absolutely destroyed because of these two.

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