Level In-Training
Type Angel
Attribute Data
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Kamon
Next forms Karimon / Yamimon

Coeurmon is an In-Training level Angel Digimon, and the digivolved form of Kamon. Coeurmon has both extremely potent viral data and highly effective vaccine data within its fractal coding. This can cause it to have violent mood swings, and also allows it to become an Angel Digimon (Karimon) or a demon Digimon (Yamimon).


Coeurmon has a white half and a black half. The white half has the large expressive eye that Kamon had, as well as two white wings on its back and a white wing on its head. The foot on this side is soft and plush, as if covered in lush fur. The black half has a serpentine eye, and two demon wings on its back as well as a large red horn on its head. The foot on this side is scaly, clawed, and reptilian. For a size reference, Coeurmon is about the size of a chihuahua.


  • Shine Tackle - Gathers light about itself and then charges at the opponent
  • Shadow Tackle - Steeps itself in darkness and then charges at the opponent


  • "Coeur" is the French word for "heart". This plays into its theme of duality, as a person's heart can be good or evil.