Commandramon b



Commandramon is the digimon partner of yamoto toriyama,be is a very brave and smart digimon and what he lacks pin power he makes up with his bravery,he always carries around his handheld machine-gun,he is superstitious and firmly believes in the destiny child and believes that the destiny child is yamoto .He is the leader of the commandramon corps which is a team that is used to combat the victims of the x virus and find it's source.


Strikedramon-Commandramons champion form,it is good for close combat and is very fast.
Strikedramon b

Commandramon as strikedramon

Tankdramon-His ultimate form,it us suited for fighting flying forces and is very powerful but slow.
Tankdramon b

Commandramon as tankdramon

Darkdramon-Commandramons mega form,it is very powerful and is more powerful then the average mega.
Darkdramon b

His mega form,darkdramon

Chaosmon-when he is darkdramon,he can DNA digivolve with bancholeomon to form chaosmon,it is unique due to the fact that it has 2 digicores.
Chaosmon vg


Ultimatechaosmon-Commandramons final and most powerful form,it us a higly unstable form of chaosmon and is far more powerful but this transformation consumes a lot of energy and can only maintain it for a few minutes.
UltimateKhaosmon b

Ultimatekhaosmon(notice chaosmon in the center if you look closely)

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