Level Unknown
Type Chaos Digimon
Attribute Virus

Coporumon is a mysterious digimon whose level or digivolution scheme is entirely unknown. It resembles a stained white Botamon and is most definitely a very dangerous foe for anyone to face. Despite being a very rare and evil Digimon, it does care about his brothers, wich are spreaded around the entire Digiworld. The few digimon that are able to approach a Coporumon without being spotted or attacked claim that there exists only five Coporumon in the entire Digiworld, and that they are trying to find each other to construct a family and reproduce. They are said to be immortal, atleast to the point that they cannot die from age. Their skill in battle is outstanding: a single Coporumon is able to kill several Mega digimons, even though not able to hit multiple targets at once. Coporumon talks in an echoed female voice. If a Coporumon is somehow defeated, a DigiTama will be generated and will hatch almost instantly. Coporumon is evil, but is not a murderer: none of it's enemies will ever die while fighting him, no matter what. Being a very lonely creature, it often demonstrates to be very sensible, refusing to fight or just simply wishing to have a friend. It even went so far to exit DigiWorld seeking for a partner, but the presence of other hostile digimon forced him to fight and reveal how powerful he really is, thus he didn't find anyone wishing to be his partner. This led him to develop a very deep hate for humans, and anyone who is found by a Coporumon is guaranteed to be in trouble.


  • Mind Twist: Stares in the opponent's eyes and puts him to sleep.
  • Decorporealize: Alters the matter of the opponent, turning it into a ghost wich then loses data to the point that it partially vanishes and turns into a DigiTama.
  • Coporument: Coporumon's main attack, he shoots itself towards the enemy, wrapping around it's head. Any living creature, both digital or not, loses conciousness when is hit by this attack. During such period, Coporumon casts the actual attack on his foe, wich will then lose it's mind over time. Coporumon mostly uses this attack on humans.