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Level Mega
Type Metal Mole
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Fan:DrillDramon


CoreDrimogemon is a Metal Version of Drimogemon. It has two giant Drill Spears for hands and Tank Treads for Legs. He has Spotlight Eyes and Backup Emergency Lghts for Spare Eyes. He has a big Drill for a Beak Mouth. His nsides are wires and he has an Engine Heart. He has special stick panels so he can stick to Rocky Walls. Inside his head is a control panel that Highly Inteligent digimon can use to control CoreDrimogemon.

Digimon DigiWars


Chasm Gate Crack: CoreDrimogemon Uses his drills to open a Ravine. RockBreaker Spear: He fires his drill Straight forward while it is spinning.

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