File:Coronamon b.png
Partner(s):Netsu Minamoto

Coronamon is a fictional character in the fanfictional series Digimon DYW. He is the partner of Netsu Minamoto, member of the Detective Youth.





  • Corona-knuckle: Releases continuous punches with its fists heated by the power of flame.
  • Corona Flame: Concentrates the power of flame in its brow while exhausting all of its body's stamina, then fires it at the opponent as a flaming shot.
  • Petit Prominence: Clads its body in flames, & either defends itself or rams the opponent.

Heat DigiMemory

The Heat DigiMemory, also known as the Hot DigiMemory, allows Coronamon to digivolve to digivolve to Firamon. It also empowers the user with the powers of the element of fire, becoming the Blazing Warrior.

Other Forms


File:Firamon b.png

Firamon is the digivolved form of Coronamon through the Heat DigiMemory.


  • Flame Dive: Charges from the sky with its body enveloped in flames.
  • Fira Claw: Slices an opponent to pieces with its powerful, flaming front legs.
  • Fira Bomb: Focuses power into its forehead & unleashes a flaming bomb.

DigiXros Forms

"Firamon + Jokermon"

"Firamon + Jokermon is a Half-DigiXrossed form between Firamon & Jokermon. It has not yet been officially named.

"Firamon + Mekanorimon"

"Firamon + Mekanorimon is the primary DigiXrossed form of Firamon & Mekanorimon. It has not yet been officially named.

"Firamon + Deputymon"

"Firamon + Deputymon is a Half-DigiXrossed form between Firamon & Deputymon. It has not yet been officially named.