Partners Daniel Kayamai

Cougreymon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. Cougreymon was to be featured in Digimon Tamers (and the related movies Battle of Adventurers and Runaway Locomon) and is Daniel Kayamai's partner.


Cougreymon appears to be relatively small when walking on his front and hind legs in his cat like stance, but when standing erect, he is actually the size of an adult human. Cougreymon is a brown cougre-like Animal Digimon with green eyes, pointy ears, and a long and strong tail. Cougreymon is muscular, yet is quick with big legs, perfect for retreating. On each of his strangely large hands Cougreymon has four fingers with long claws (something you wouldn't normally see on a Beast or Animal Digimon), and on each foot, he has three clawed toes and a claw coming out from the heel. One very indistinct feature of Cougreymon is the Zig-zag patterns on certain parts of his body.


Cougreymon is a virus-type Digimon, though his attitude and kindness most of the time could lead to thinking that he was a data or even a vaccine-type. Cougreymon's fighting style (he gets serious, and he squints his eyes, when he senses a wild Digimon) shows a vaccine nature, as he fights with much more technique and grace than Renamon or other digimon protagonists, as his partner, Daniel Kayamai, intended on when he came up with Cougreymon.

Cougreymon is supportive and willing digimon, the Oldest of the partner Digimon. He was created from Daniel's Mind. At first, Cougreymon had been a little aware of the differences between humans and Digimon. Cougreymon is normally playful and Supportive of Daniel. Despite being portrayed as Insecure, Cougreymon mostly shows deep insight. For example, when Daniel is about to be attacked Cougreymon throws himself in front, Cougreymon points out that Daniel has a big purpose for being here and that he will protect him at all costs Cougreymon gets along very well with Guilmon, Terriermon and Calumon, but his first meeting with Renamon was as enemies. Cougreymon later acknowledges Renamon's knack for "being right" in combat situations. Cougreymon would try to play with Impmon than ignore him.

At first, Cougreymon wasn't very good at listening to Daniel, always walking on two feet in public, and talking in public when Daniel told him not to. Cougreymon admired Daniel's perseverance, and has since obeyed Daniel's every word.

Cougreymon is extremely powerful for a Rookie. Cougreymon is able to defeat Champion level digimon. Unlike most Animal Digimon, Cougreymon's claws are very sharp and offer a deflection against Renamon's Diamond Storm attack.


  • Boulder Bombs (Rock Bombs): Cougreymon hurls out a couple of explosive rocks from his paws.
  • Trinity Slash (Claw Cyclone): Cougreymon scratches his opponent at a quick speed, almost like nothing happened.