Level Champion
Type Beast
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms Calfmon
Next forms SuperCowmon

Cowmon is an beast type Digimon whose name and design is derived from a cow. It is the champion of Calfmon.


It's a digimon that is easily disguised as a human meadows a simple and ordinary cow. She is a fearless to facing dangers and running very strong and always triumphing in battle. When you feel the presence of danger she usually attacks with the technique "Cow Horn" that ends with any digimon. One of his most frequent attacks is also "Tail Cattle" that crushes any opponent.


  • Cow Horn: Uses its horns stiff enough to penetrate the enemy's body, leading to their elimination.
  • Tail Cattle: It uses its tail to cut the enemy in two.
  • Milk Nightmare: Uses its milk, which the enemy when contact with the milk lets you completely vaporized.
  • Confusion Stain: Uses his spots, leaving the enemy rather confusing, seeing several Cowmon around you, allowing you to crush the Cowmon below.