(クレニアムモン Craniummon)
Craniamon vg

Craniamon, a giant evil Digimon controlled by MadLeomon—& arguably the strongest enemy the DigiDestined face—is summoned as a War Digimon, apparently used 10,000 DigiYears ago, when Lilithmon launches an earlier attack on Earth before becoming imprisoned in a space dumpster. He is destroyed by "CoreOmnimon + UltimateBrachiomon" twice.

Craniamon easily beats up DinoOmnimon. The DigiDestined try calling Coredramon, but it is no help, & even BattleCoredramon is easily beaten, weakening it quicker than even Blossomon & Zanbamon are able to. Seeing the situation, Seraphimon summons UltimateBrachiomon (which blasts the Digimon free of Craniamon's arm cables) to form "CoreOmnimon + UltimateBrachimon". The Digimon's arsenal is too much for MadLeomon's war Digimon to handle. Craniamon's head survives & flies to a distance.

Soon, Lilithmon summoned Apocalymon, who quickly rebuilds the War Digimon, adding wings & wrist mounted swords, who easily overwhelms DinoOmnimon & Coredramon again, this time slicing off DinoOmnimon's arm & half of Coredramon's tail, When Apocalymon joins the battle, it only makes things even worse for the DigiDestined.

The Evil Digimon possesses physical strength far exceeding any season one Digimon combinations including CoreOmnimon & carries a number of weapons, including deadly twin multi-rocket launchers mounted below his neck, a powerful eye laser, & hands attached by cables when they shoot out, which can deliver electric shocks through them to damage his opponent. After being rebuilt by Apocalymon, Craniamon doesn't use any of these weapons, but solely relies on twin blade gauntlets mounted on his arms.

After linking to Lilithmon's computer systems while her Lunar Palace is on Earth, Kokuwamon discovers that the only weakness in Craniamon is that its systems need to adjust to compensate for battle with a new opponent, & too many changes in the enemy will cause it to freeze up.

First, the DigiDestined attack Craniamon with their individual Digimon (with no success) & then DinoOmnimon, which is again overpowered. Coredramon is then summoned, being able to break Craniamon's blade gauntlets. The DigiDestined attack with BattleCoredramon, which takes the upper hand because Craniamon is apparently ready to freeze up. However, Apocalymon joins the battle again, blasting the DigiDestined, which forces them to summon UltimateBrachiomon & form "CoreOmnimon + UltimateBrachiomon" before Craniamon can adjust & pummel BattleCoredramon like it does in the first battle. On that note, Craniamon freezes up completely, leaving himself helpless when "CoreOmnimon + UltimateBrachiomon" destroys him permanently. Afterwards Lilithmon flees the battle by command of MadLeomon (who temporarily gains more power afterwards, almost like a top general or a quartermaster). It is speculated that because Kokuwamon & Seraphimon hacked into Lilithmon's database, & Lilithmon found out, she is forced into alternative methods of Digimon making (such as planting seeds & transformation of objects) until Wisemon has fresh Digimon ideas.