CreepyPastamon is a Digimon made from all the CreepyPasta media. He takes a shape of a man, which has a fake mask on his face with creepy eyes and smile, his sholders are Huskys with a creepy smile, fake sleeves, floating hands, a green and brown shirt with blood stains on it, jeans that have the Pokemon Unown saying "YOU WILL DIE" on the left leg and on the other it says, "GO TO HELL", glitchy-dragon like feet and yellow hair. Without his mask, he will have red eyes that cry blood, a normal human nose, pale skin and sharp teeth. He is ememys to all Digimon in the world. Even the groups such as the Royal Knights, Four Great Dragons, Olympos XII and the Seven Great Demon Lords. The only comanion he trusts to stand by his side is SkullKnightmon, who thinks he should prove everyone that their wrong about him.