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Crest Marks is the equivalent of the Crests. This Crest Mark holds the Pendulum X that allows to digivolve into Ultimate Level. Unlike Crests, this functions can use anytime when Rookie digivolve into Champion.

Dragon Crest Mark

The Dragon Crest Mark is the red Crest Mark held with Dragon's Roar family.

Beast Crest Mark

The Beast Crest Mark is the green Crest Mark held with Nature Spirits family.

Jungle Crest Mark

The Jungle Crest Mark is the yellow Crest Mark held with Jungle Troopers family.

Sea Crest Mark

The Sea Crest Mark is the navy Crest Mark held with Deep Savers family.

Angelic Crest Mark

The Angelic Crest Mark is the silver Crest Mark held with Virus Buster family.

Sky Crest Mark

The Sky Crest Mark is the sky-blue Crest Mark held with Wind Guardians family.

Machine Crest Mark

The Machine Crest Mark is the gray Crest Mark held with Virus Buster family.

Demon Crest Mark

The Demon Crest Mark is the black Crest Mark held with Nightmare Soldiers family.


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