(ヂューケグレイモン DukeGreymon)
Level Super Ultimate (Burst)
Type Dragon Knight
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Virus Buster
Metal Empire
Prior forms WarGreymon+Gallantmon

WarGreymon X+Gallantmon X

CrimsonGreymon is a Super Ultimate (Burst) level Digimon with an X-Antibody that have both Greymon-species Mega Digimon and Gallantmon powers. It got it's name from the fiery crimson aura it develops and the armor it was wearing. It wears a crimson cape. It holds the sacred materialized "Red Digizoid", "Blue Digizoid", "Gold Digizoid" energy shield on its left hand "Aegis".


  • Final Blazing Elysion: Fires blazing energy from the shield "Aegis".
  • Final Shining Burst: Puts its body and soul into inducing a massive eruption.
  • Crimson Light "(Final Justice)" (Quo Vadis): Disintegrates the opponent into electrons with the Dramon Breaker, then consigns them to oblivion within another dimension whither thou canst not follow.
  • Blazing Sieg Saber: The sword "Dramon Breaker" extends it's blazing blade and slashes enemies for up to a 10-mile radius
  • Burst GeoGrey Sword: Sword and shield disappear to summon a blazing GeoGrey Sword from the ground

Variations / Subspecies