(ロードナイトモン LordKnightmon)
Crusadermon t

Crusadermon is a robot Digimon & the wife of Fujinmon & the sister-in-law of Kapurimon. Crusadermon is the daughter of the arch-nemesis of King Drasil. Crusadermon & Fujinmon eloped & fled from their parents.

She can fire arrows of energy which she can use to make others fall in love with her. Crusadermon is also capable of firing arrows of destructive energy from her gaunlet. Crusadermon can teleport with a fiery aura turning herself into a living missile. Her gaunlet can also transform into a sword to be used in close combat.

She & Fujinmon return when King Drasil is destroyed by the DigiDestined, & take over in his absence. When the tyrant Bombmon tries to take over, Crusadermon uses her love arrows to make him her slave, forcing him to obey her, which later leads to his destruction.

Crusadermon's jealousy of Mia White leads to the formation of a strong grudge for her.

Upon King Drasil's return, Crusadermon flees the Earth with her husband, but comes back in Hawaii Zeo to confront the DigiDestined once more. After becoming a giant alongside Fujinmon, both Fujinmon & Crusadermon are defeated by "Zeomon + Pyramidramon + Agunimon", but they survive. However, King Drasil arrives to confront the two of them, & they quickly escape, never to be seen again.