About: CrystalGatomon is a cute but powerful fanmade digimon made by me on DeviantArt. She is just like any normal Gatomon but the only difference is that her ultimate form,Goddessmon is however more powerful than Angewomon even though they look almost like each other. Her mega form is Ophanimon Galactic Mode or Ophanimon GM. Her rookie form is also Salamon. She is purple/pale and she has red gloves with pink marks and she doesn't have a tail ring like Gatomon. Her ears are aqua and not purple. CrystalGatomon is known for her telepathic powers, speed, and attack. Her partner is also one of my OCs named Ikaru "Tina" Kino. In Japanese, CrystalGatomon is called MillieniumTailmon.

Appearance: Her first appearance is in a fanfic I'm going to make called Digimon Adventure 02 Rise of the Darkness and Light at the end of episode 2. She makes a full appearance in episode 4 in which is also the very first time she armor-digivolve in a special way into Kimimimon, a digimon that is somewhat similar to Nefertimon but has different powers and a past that angers her which causes a little bit of jealously and rivalry with the other cat digimon.

Story Planning with CrystalGatomon in it so Far: Just when they least expected it, a digimon sneaked away, kidnapping Kari and making Tai and the other Digidestineds give their crests and digivices away. However, tragedy strikes when a LadyDevimon out of no where comes and tried to get the items. However, CrystalGatomon was able to stop her by being the first one digivolving into ultimate and fighting the fallen angel digimon with the help of BlueRenamon in her champion form and Kannemon in her armor form.

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