Crystal of Nightmares is the forty-fifth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


At school, Maggie & Carly are worried about an imminent science test; the boys, however, aren't, since they are planning to go to Nicky's uncle's cabin to study all together. Of course, they invite the girls.

Brick & Stick, meanwhile, are having trouble of their own: Mr. Makuta gives them extremely bad report cards, & tells them that if they take another "D" in the next exam, they will be put in detention for a long time. Brick decides to follow the "geeks" to spy on them while they are studying.

On the moon, MadLeomon is revealing is plan to Lilithmon: he reactivated the Crystal of Nightmares in order to cause the DigiDestined to lose the confidence in themselves, making them easy targets.

At the cabin, the gang go out to eat after an afternoon of study. Brick & Stick (dressed up as maids) enter searching their notes, but the boys quickly come back, forcing them to hide under a bed.

During the night, Lilithmon's general put his plan in motion: the DigiDestined dream of the worst moments of past battles, & share a nightmare in which Seraphimon strips them of their powers. This leaves them afraid & shaken so much that they are reluctant to go to stop MadLeomon once Seraphimon tells them of his plot. At the cave where he is hidden, the teens are easily pushed back by the Claymon since they don't believe they can win. Though scared, Taylor is the only one that reacts enough to go past the Claymon & MadLeomon & manage to destroy the Crystal, giving back to the team the confidence. They then defeat MadLeomon & Minervamon & hurry to school. Brick & Stick, who slept during the entire ordeal, do the same.

The DigiDestined all get "A"s on the test, while Brick & Stick both get "F"s, meaning a long period of detention for them.

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