Crystalloid Army of Darkness
Moon=Millenniummon vg
General information
Founder: MaloKimeramon
Leader: Moon=Millenniummon
Intentions: Destroy the Digital World and recreate it from the rubble.
Appearances: Ygaddrasil: Origins of the Program

Digital Dimensions

The Crystalloid Army of Darkness, or CAD, is an army and organization of mostly machine and evil Digimon that are bent upon conquering the Digital World and rebuilding it from scratch. They often make deals with Digimon that are respected in the Digital World, most often conning their clients and if necessary use brute force to keep their clients from avoiding their demands. They are not a trusted organization among good Digimon, but somehow less good Digi-cored Digimon always get tricked into signing a deal with the devil.

Yggdrasil: Origins of the Program

A reference to the army was made while Shoutmon was describing his life before meeting Yggdrasimon. Another reference was made to them when Shoutmon was fighting a Megadramon, comparing it to them.

Their first appearance was when the leader; Moon=Millenniummon, attacked a nearby village and their people. He was soon attacked by Shoutmon and the main protaganists. After a hard battle with Moon=Millenniummon, Moon=Millenniummon was captured and locked with chains around its body to suppress its powers.

The same Moon=Millenniummon wasn't seen again until a few weeks later when a Kimeramon and a MechaYanmamon appeared at Shoutmon's house while he was gone and searched for him, with success finding him in the basement downstairs. The three then proceeded to light Shoutmons house on fire for payback.

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