Title The Bane of Arclimon's Existence
Ultimate Utility Bird
Level Mega
Type Toxin Bird
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Shiramu Inc.
Prior forms TBA

Hey, you! Yes you! Tired of Arclimon walling every move you throw at it? Want a way to give those dreadful bosses pain while they have their chance to move? Ever wanted something that can spread a variety of status effects and cause massive damage with status effects alone? Then Cuckloumon is the Digimon for you. Best known for the most lethal toxins in all the Digital World, and also best known for being able to uniquely breath sleeping gas as if it were fire breath, this bird Digimon is best designed to spread a variety of status effects. A stomp from it's mighty kicking power will result in many status effects from confusion to being paralyzed, or outright OHKO'd in one hit on the most rarest of occasions. Indeed, this Digimon is the king of spreading harmful status effects to your opponent. But what, there's more! It's virtually immune to every status effect in addition to being able to change it's attacks to spread a certain status effect! But that's not all either! It's poison status effect is unique in that it doubles the amount of damage it deals as each turn goes by, and does small amounts of damage to the opponent on your own turns as well! All this wrapped up in a nicely designed and highly useful Mega Level Digimon. Talk about one heck of a bird here.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Pretty much everything you need to know about Cuckloumon was stated above, and it can be found residing near Arclimon's areas and digivolves from it's to be revealed Ultimate stage at level 42 with 1,000 Bird Exp. Arclimon calls it "The bane of her own existence". It's signature move revolves around it's poison status effect stated above, being a 100% guaranteed chance to hit it's opponent, typically always aimed at Arclimon due to how fast it eats away at her HP. It is banned from random online matches due to being able to spread every status effect in the game with relative ease, and on every move it makes as well, in addition to it's signature trait healing all allies for each time the opponent is damaged by it's unique poison status effect.