the name Cyamon derives from the color Cyan dubbing the name "Cyanmon". Cyamon is the champion form of CyanAgumon from the Digimon Ultimate series.


Cyamon takes the form of a cyan Greymon without the skull helmat and stripes, basicly a cyan T-rex.

Digimon Ultimate

CyanAgumon digivolves to Cyamon to stun Cthulhumon in order to destroy the safety shield protecting Crimson Blood to achieve the Cthulhumon card she got from Cthulhumon, then Cyamon passes the card to PC replacing the attack "Hacktivated" to "De-Hactivated" and PC swapped it in his DV7 to use the attack and disables Cthulhumon from digivolving stopping him from digivolving to Cthulhumon Ultimate mode, and de-digivolves him to Cthulhumon Larvea mode in the process but he uses the same attack on Cyamon causing the same effects Cthulhumon suffered.

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