Were you looking for D-Power 2.0 (Device) which is used in this Fanon?

D-Power 2.0/ Digimon Tamers 02

デジモンテイマーズ ー 02
(Digimon Tamers 02)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction
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D-Power 2.0 is a Sequel to Digimon Tamers in which a new Tamer, Luke, meets Tokato, Henry and Rika.


Tokato is playing the Digital Card Game with Kazu when his Data Scanner turns into his Golden D-Power. Henry comes running to find him, saying he got his Digivice back, his is just like his original, except Emerald with markings like Tokato's instead of Green. Rika then also comes with her Digivivce, now Sapphire with markings. They are suddenly teleported to the Digital World and meet a boy named Luke, with a Digivice just like theirs but Onyx. They dub the Digivices D-Power 2.0.

A herd of Tyrannomon and Triceramon run to greet them, along with Guilmon, Renamon and Terriermon. A Lopmon is also there, but not Suzie's. THis Lopmon goes to Luke. The Lopmon has the X-Antibody making it Lopmon X.

An adventure between the 4 in the Real and Digital Worlds starts to defeat a growing Kuramon before it turns into Argomon and destroys all existence.

New Digimon Partners Introduced

In the series, some new Digimon are introduced for their Partners, these Digimon are:

  • Lopmon X
  • Wendigomon X
  • Antylamon X
  • Cherubimon (Evil) X
  • Cherubimon (Good) X
  • Cherubimon (Evil) X Night Mode
  • Cherubimon (Good) X Light Mode
  • Sakuyamon Spirit Mode
  • MegaGargomon Tank Mode
  • Justimon Saviour Mode
  • Seraphimon Heaven Mode
  • Dianamon New Mode
  • TyrantKabuterimon Surge Mode
  • Holerightmon


Tokato Matsuki & Guilmon

Tokato is now much more brave and suited for the leader of the team, being much more timid before. Guilmon hasn't changed at all, being the same lovable, fun-loving Digimon. He is armed with his Pyro Sphere and Blaze Bomb attacks.

Henry Wong & Terriermon

Henry is much more serious than before, sparing it for Terriermon, of course. Terriermon hasn't changed either, armed with Bunny Blast and Terrier Tornado.

Rika Nonaka & Renamon

Rika has changed quite a bit than before, she is less sensetive and is happy more often and argues less. Renamon, like Rika, has become more friendly. Her attacks are Diamond Storm and Power Paw.

Luke Thompson & Lopmon X Luke, being the same one in Digimon: Scan Seperators and other related things, acts the same as in them, this is just set as non-canon to those. Lopmon is a Digimon with the X-Antibody, like it's Evolutions. It is not the same Digimon as Suzie's. Her attacks are Hail Breath and Typhoon Twirl.


Digivolution Lines

Tokato & Guilmon

Jyarimon ---> Gigimon ---> Guilmon ---> Growlmon ---> WarGrowlmon

Guilmon + Tokato ---> Gallantmon

Gallantmon ---> Gallantmon (Crimson Mode)

Henry & Terriermon

Zerimon ---> Gummymon ---> Terriermon ---> Gargomon ---> Rapidmon

Terriermon + Henry ---> MegaGargomon

MegaGargomon ---> MegaGargomon Tank Mode

Rika & Renamon

Reremon ---> Viximon ---> Renamon ---> Kyubimon ---> Taomon

Renamon + Rika ---> Sakuyamon

Sakuyamon ---> Sakuyamon Spirit Mode

Ryo & Monodramon

Hopmon ---> Monodramon ---> Cyberdramon

Cyberdramon + Ryo ---> Justimon

Justimon ---> Justimon Saviour Mode

Luke & Lopmon X

Lopmon X ---> Wendigomon X ---> Antylamon (Virus) X

Lopmon X ---> Wendigomon X ---> Antylamon (Data) X

Antylamon (Virus) X + Luke ---> Cherubimon (Evil) X

Antylamon (Data) X + Luke ---> Cherubimon (Good) X

Cherubimon (Evil) X ---> Cherubimon (Evil) X Night Mode

Cherubimon (Good) X ---> Cherubimon (Good) X Light Mode

Baku & Patamon

Poyomon ---> Tokomon ---> Patamon ---> Angemon ---> HolyAngemon

Patamon + Baku ---> Seraphimon

Seraphimon ---> Seraphimon Heaven Mode

Tsuguhiko & KoKabuterimon

Tsunomon ---> KoKabuterimon ---> BladeKuwagamon ---> MetallifeKuwagamon

KoKabuterimon + Tsuhiko ---> TyrantKabuterimon

TyrantKabuterimon ---> TyrantKabuterimon Surge Mode

Ayumi & Lunamon

Moonmon ---> Lunamon ---> Lekissmon ---> Crescemon

Lunamon + Ayumi ---> Dianamon

Dianamon ---> Dianamon New Mode

Modes Together

Gallantmon Crimson Mode + MegaGargomon Tank Mode + Sakuyamon Spirit Mode + Justimon Saviour Mode + Cherubimon (Good) X Light Mode + Seraphimon Heaven Mode + Dianamon New Mode + TyrantKabuterimon Surge Mode ---> Holerightmon

Sagas in the Series

There are several different parts in the Series taking on different quests.

Beginning Saga

The Tamers return to the Digital World and learn they must break Digimon Leaders from a curse turning them evil.

Ryo Saga

The Tamers find Ryo and have to revive and further 3 Lead Digimon.

Spirit Saga

Being the longest Saga, The Tamers must find the Human, Beast and Ancient Spirits.

Tamer Team Saga

Halfway through the Spirit Saga, the Tamers get 3 new teammates; Baku, Ayumi and Tsuguhiko and continue to search for the Spirits.

Argomon Saga

The Tamers must go through Argomon's world, find him and destroy him.


8 of the the Spirits from Digimon Frontier appear, being in 8 Caves. The Spirits go to each Tamer like this:


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