Were you looking for the Fanon D-Power 2.0?

  • The D-Power 2.0 is a Digivice, Tokato's Gold Digivice is a D-Power 2.0. Henry, Rika, Ryo and Luke also get one.

Colours of D-Power 2.0

  • Gold-Tokato
  • Emerald-Henry
  • Sapphire-Rika
  • Onyx-Luke
  • Silver-Ryo
  • Orange-Baku
  • Pink-Ayumi
  • Yellow-Tsuguhiko


See Also: Mutant Digivolution

  • Mutant Digivolution
  • Mode Change
  • Digi-Modify
  • Digivolution
  • Biomerge Digivolution
  • Bioemerge Between Digital and Real World
  • Spirit Evolution

More to Come

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