Chapter 1: The New World

"Argh, my head. Where am I?" asked Matt. "And look at this jungle, so many trees and so little light."

"You're in the DigiWorld, Matt," said a voice.

"What are you?" replied Matt.

"I'm your partner digimon, Dorumon," said Dorumon.

"Digi-what?" asked Matt.

"Digimon, Matt," said Dorumon, "you know, Digital Monster."

"Still doesn't ring a bell," said Matt.

Then Matt and Dorumon heard a loud scream.

"That was Ray," said Matt to himself.

"Come on, Matt. Let's see what that was," said Dorumon.

So Matt and Dorumon ran towards the screem

"Ray, what's wrong?" asked Matt. "Your a sixteen year old boy that screems like a girl?"

"Matt, there's this blue thing claming to be my friend," said Ray.

"Blue thing? Ray, I'm Veemon, your friend," said Veemon.

"Ray, where's Will?" asked Matt.

"He went off with this orange dinosaur thing," said Ray.

"You mean Agumon," corrected Veemon.

But then Matt and Ray heared wierd noises coming from their pockets.

"What is it?" asked Matt.

"It's your digivices," said Dorumon and Veemon at the same time.

"What do they do?" asked Ray.

"It helps us digivolve, but if you want to know how to work it, go and ask Lord Jijimon. He's a friend of the royal knight and will tell you how to use it," said Dorumon.

Then Matt, Ray, Dorumon and Veemon heard another scream and a monsterous roar.

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