Level Champion
Type Sneaker Dinosaur
Attribute Data
Family Dragon's Roar
Next forms Metal D-raptormon
Omega D-raptormon
(w/ 2 D-raptormon and Metal D-raptormon)

D-raptormon is a digimon in the form of a dinosaur, his name comes from "Digi-velociraptor" and can digivolve to Metal D-raptormon, or to Omega D-raptormon if he DNA Digivolve with 2 more D-raptormon and a Metal D-raptormon. He is extremely quick, as its the 4th quicker digimon in the Digital World. They really like to fight, but they fight for fun, not to kill.

This digimon is interesting by the fact that he is a dinosaur digimon that can breath flames and wind together in a tornado.

Rise of the Shadows

There are 3 D-raptormon in the group, commanded by the digimon member, Metal D-raptormon. Different from their commander, these three really like to fight and destroy its enemies.


He is very like a velociraptor, but red, and with some dragon semelhance. His horns are little, but he can raise their size when its enraged. He also have big arms for a dinosaur of his species, but this is an advantage as they can be slash the enemies.


Savage Tornado: Breathes a powerful tornado of flames from the mouth, but exhausts the user.

Giga Horn: Runs around the enemy with an extreme speed and impales him multiple times with its huge horns.

Perfect Flames: Launches blasts of flame against the enemies.